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Psychic Color Energy Reading

Colors are a vibrant and active part of our lives, from the enchanting reds and oranges of the most amazing sunsets, to the cool sparkling blues of the clearest oceans, they enrich and surround us with beauty. It has long been thought that color carries with it a specific energy or meaning that has the ability to influence our own energy and how we feel.

To perform this energy reading, stare at the rainbow of colored circles below, see each separate dot joined together as a whole line and let your focus relax and blur. Inevitably your subconscious will draw you to focus on one color, and your eyes will seem guided or driven to that one specific color. This color is the current energy you are being drawn to, click on it, or scroll down the page to find out the meaning behind it. The color you find yourself drawn to may indicate that its properties are lacking in your life, and that they are something that subconsciously you value, or feel are important to you right now. Color energy readings can be performed regularly, with varying outcomes every time, as the color you gravitate towards will change as the influences and circumstances in your life change.

Red Orange Golden Yellow Green Turquoise Blue Blue Purple Violet Magenta Red

If you found that you were focusing on more than one color, this may mean that you were drawn to some or all aspects of each energy, however if you found yourself not drawn to any colors, and saw each color as part of the larger rainbow, this may indicate that your psyche is very balanced and is not drawn to any one particular color.

Red Color Energy
symbolizes vitality and excitement for life. It represents intense emotions like passion, love, lust, anger, enthusiasm and hatred. It is a color of extremes, risk and danger, and indicates a fearless approach to obstacles. Red can be a self indulgent energy, bravery, pride and feelings of confidence and positive self image are common.

Orange Color Energy
symbolizes a peaceful and positive mind set. It represents the many sides of compassion and genuine kindness, honesty and understanding. It is a color of good will, open communication and growth in relationships, especially friendships. Orange is a positive energy, light hearted fun, playfulness and feelings of freedom and joy are common.

Golden Color Energy
symbolizes a positive outlook and contentment. It represents the balance of energy in joy, kindness and willingness to share happiness. It is a color of giving and acceptance, intense friendship and self esteem. Golden is a considerate energy, compassionate and giving, yet kind to oneself in the process.

Yellow Color Energy
symbolizes an enthusiastic, positive outlook. It represents the healing balanced energy of joy, oneness and healing. It is a color of balance, cooperation and harmony. Yellow is an intelligent energy, rational and logical, considerate and understanding every step of the way.

Green Color Energy
symbolizes abundance and wealth. It represents new growth and opportunities of great success. It is a color of prosperity, both financial and personal, welcoming fertility and growth. Green is a fortunate energy, and may bring with it unexpected surprises and lucky outcomes to situations that seemed doomed.

Turquoise Color Energy
symbolizes vitality and zest for life. It represents the enthusiasm and thirst for new experiences, learning and creative expression. It is a color of curiosity, youth and vibrant imagination. Turquoise is an exciting energy, bursting with positive emotion, wonder and amazement at the beauty and opportunity that surrounds.

Blue Color Energy
symbolizes tranquility and peaceful existence. It represents truth, hope, honor and thoughtfulness. It is a color of intense meditation and psychic ability, inner reflection and honesty with oneself. Blue is a wise energy, focused on spiritual growth, inner peace, development of intuition, understanding and enlightenment.

Purple Color Energy
symbolizes spiritual reflection and a respectful outlook. It represents the balanced energy of wisdom and exploration. It is a color of growth, depth and knowledge. Purple is a quiet energy, internal and meaningful, pensive and thoughtful, absorbing and observing everything in thought process.

Violet Color Energy
symbolizes insight and spirituality. It represents a new familiarity with intuition, expansion of ones mind, acceptance and exploration into the unknown. It is a color of new beginnings and reaching new understandings, finding peace and growth where there once was fear. Purple is an observant energy, focused, determined and eager to learn.

Magenta Color Energy
symbolizes kindness and compassion for others. It represents affection and tenderness, thoughtfulness toward others and a genuine appreciation for loved ones. It is a color of romance and harmony, feelings of love and appreciation, understanding and fidelity. Magenta is a faithful energy, feelings of devotion, spiritual connection and a higher understanding of loved ones is common.

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